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Jack Beckmann packerman : Jack is trying his best to adhere to writing his bios in third person, however hard that may be. He also hopes that he does not fall asleep during the show. Damn it, I broke the third wall. Thomas: We kicked off the show with quite the Fire Pro random match.

Mox just exudes star and unsurprisingly, he dominated this one pretty much the whole way through, although the fact that Shota got a nearfall with a German showed that he is a little bit above your standard young lion. Moxley picked up the win with the Death Rider, F. Dirty Deeds. Moxley announced his intention to be in the G1 post-match and helped Umino to the back.

Moxley carries a unique aura and working style with him that is entirely unique to New Japan, which greatly enhances my enjoyment of his work. As my co-reviewer said, Mox announced his intention to enter the G1 after the match, a prospect that greatly excites me. This dude is going to be incredibly motivated, and when wrestlers are motivated, they produce incredible work. Totally fine match to kick off the show. Thomas: This was essentially a G1 eliminator match, as both of these guys are up there with Will Ospreay, Jeff Cobb, and Rush for the final two open G1 slots assuming Moxley and Taichi are in.

They teased a double countout early on and I totally bought it as New Japan is never too keen on juniors beating heavys, even if Shingo is an exception among juniors. The two traded forearm shots and Shingo landed Made in Japan for a two count before finally nailing a Pumping Bomber. Last of the Dragon falls Kojima in an awesome match. They put over Kojima huge here as a big test for Shingo to finally overcome a heavyweight with little touches like Shingo not being able to get Kojima up for the Noshigami and withstanding a Pumping Bomber.

The strike exchanges were incredible and this was a fight in every sense of the word. This was great wrestling that keeps you wide awake at AM. People forget just how awesome his G1 was, including great matches with the likes of Kazuchika Okada and Kenny Omega remember him? As for the match itself, it did pretty much everything I wanted it to, and I had a big smile on my face the entire time. At the end of the day, this was a really fun undercard match featuring two of my all-time favorite wrestlers.

Well worth a watch. Good luck! Jack is slowly breaking down in our chat, so I might have to go this one alone for the rest of the show, folks. If the last match is the type of wrestling that keeps you wide awake in the wee hours of the night, this is the type of wrestling that puts you back to sleep to stay there like a normal person.

Meanwhile in the land of good, competent wrestlers, Liger was sure over here! Thomas: Sigh… this show started off so promising.

watch njpw dominion 2019

Oh yeah, the match! We got some Taguchi-Ishimori interactions earlier on as a call back to their match earlier this yearand boy do they have some fun chemistry. Good shit! Come on, I just have to make it thru this match. Tanahashi tagged in and we get some interactions with him and White. This is not great. The things you think about at 4 AM.Domination 6. Dominion 6. Wrestlers portray villainsheroesor less distinguishable characters in the scripted events that built tension and culminate in a wrestling match or series of matches.

There, Ibushi again defeated Naito to become Intercontinental Champion for the first time. Ibushi accepted the challenge and the match was scheduled for this show. At the Ishii vs. Evil post-match backstage interview, Taichi offered a title challenge to Ishii, with Ishii accepting. The match was then scheduled for this event.

His request was granted and will face Satoshi Kojima at this event. Following that match, Evil and Sanada confronted the Guerrillas declaring themselves their next challengers. At a backstage interview in Best of the Super Jr.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter wrote that the show was notable for a "major scare in the ring" during the match between Kota Ibushi and Tetsuya Naito in which they wrestled a match exemplifying a "Can you top this? He also considered it the modern equivalent of The Undertaker vs. Naito attempted to German suplex Ibushi to the floor, but Ibushi's head hit the ring apron on the way down, causing "a severe whiplash that looked like it broke his neck. Ibushi suffered a black eye from Naito's shoot legitimate head-butt, with Meltzer criticizing that such moves should have been banned since they ended Katsuyori Shibata 's career.

Due to this criticism, Meltzer decided not to rate the match. Meltzer otherwise described Dominion as a "basic major New Japan show than a card of the year candidate". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. New Japan Pro-Wrestling. January 4, Retrieved January 8, HowStuffWorks, Inc.See our picks. Additional matches with be announced featuring the culmination Double or Nothing is the first event in AEW history promising to be a Meanwhile, the rest of NJPW fight each other to show who is the best.

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NJPW Dominion 2019 Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights

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The superstars of WWE goes to the extreme to show who is the best. NJPW Dominion 6. Edit Cast Credited cast: Lucas Eatwell Zack Sabre Jr. Jonathan Good Jon Moxley Kota Ibushi Kota Ibushi Tomohiro Ishii Tomohiro Ishii Taiji IshimoriWelcome to Fightful. We'll be bringing you full, match by match coverage of every bout on the card and you can watch along with us, sending in your feedback on our Disqus boards below!

Umino cut Moxley off in the middle of his entrance here, hitting a dive to the floor and following up with a missile dropkick as well. Moxley swiflty responded though, landing a lariat and using some ground and pound too.

A back suplex came next but Umino kicked out at 2, then eating an elbow drop for the same result. Moxley then applied an STF but after an immense struggle, Umino made it to the bottom rope. He then tried to fire back, throwing some forearms that had no impact but then landing a dropkick and German Suplex for 2.

Moxley quickly responded nonetheless, slamming Umino out of a vertical suplex and then closing the show via Death Rider. Post-match, Moxley grabbed a microphone and announced that he wants in the G1 Climax! He then returned to the ring, picking Umino up and kindly walking him backstage. After a tight lock-up in center ring, Takagi landed a chop against the ropes and then tackled Kojima to the mat as well.

The legend returned the favor though, then flying over the top as a brawl quickly commenced on the outside. In the midst of this wild exchange, the referee's count reached 19 as both men quickly scrambled into the ring.

Back inside, Takagi gained the upper hand, unleashing a salvo of chops only for Kojima to do exactly the same in response. He failed to complete his signature sequence though, being cut off on the apron. Both men then wrestled for position there, with Takagi landing a Death Valley Driver on the apron. Kojima retaliated smartly though, sweeping his foes' leg on the apron and slamming his face first as well. Koji Cutter followed in center ring but Takagi kicked out at 2. In response, Kojima upped the ante, hitting the same move but off the 2nd rope, still failing to close the show.

Takagi soon fired back too, nailing his trademark striking combination and landing a vertical suplex as well. Kojima blocked Pumping Bomber though, landing his own lariat and scoring a brainbuster for 2. Instead he stood firm, firing back before running into a lariat that he incredibly kicked out of at 1. A strike exchange followed, going back and forth with strikes until Takagi hit Made in Japan for another near-fall.

Post-match, Takagi says that he wants to make waves at Heavyweight, announcing an intention to enter the G1. Unsurprisingly, Suzuki and Sabre Jr jumped their foes before their bell, brawling into the crowd as the usual antics commenced.

Liger immediately run wild, flooring both Suzuki and Sabre until the former responded with a headbutt and armbar attempt. Suddenly Suzuki was back in control, applying a choke and thinking Gotch Style Piledriver only for Liger to respond with his own headbutt and suplex as well. Owens and Robinson got this one underway, wrestling for position until the latter briefly gained control.

An elbow came in response though, with Owens targeting his foe's eye and eating a salvo of strikes as a result. That encouraged Owens to tag out, bringing in Ishimori who was swiftly greeted by Taguchi.

Those two immediately went back and forth, with Ishimori taking evasive action as Bullet Club then went to work on the outside.

New Japan Pro Wrestling - Dominion 2019: Okada vs. Jericho - 2-Hour Special Tonight!

They dominated on the floor, eventually returning Taguchi to the ring and using the numbers game to their advantage. White then grabbed a hold, slowing things but eventually eating a hip attack for his troubles. That allowed Tanahashi's entry, running wild on all involved and hitting his sommersault senton on White for 2.

That left only White and Tanahashi, leaving each other floored as Owens dragged Jay to their corner and tagged himself in. He dominated proceedings in the moments following, flurrying all round and landing Jewel Heist for 2. Robinson then halted any interference, allowing Tanahashi to regain control and close the show via a new, almost GTR looking finisher.For Jericho, the match represented an opportunity for the self-proclaimed "Pain Maker" to secure the one title that has eluded him over the course of his Hall of Fame-worthy career.

For Okada, it was a chance to silence one of the most loud-mouthed villains in the industry. Their showdown headlined an event that also featured the hottest star in professional wrestling—new United States champion Jon Moxley—and an Intercontinental Championship bout between Kota Ibushi and Tetsuya Naito.

He opened up Dominion with a non-title match against young lion competitor Shota Umino. Not willing to be a victim, Umino attacked Moxley before the bell and followed up with a missile dropkick seconds later. The new United States champion obliterated the young star with a clothesline and then pounded away on the mat. Moxley grounded Umino and trapped him in the Regal Stretch, fish-hooking the mouth of the overmatched babyface.

Unfazed by his opponent's forearm strike, Moxley dared him to deliver another. Then another. And another. His arrogance nearly proved costly, as Umino delivered a German suplex for two. Moxley cut him off and delivered The Deathrider for the largely uncontested victory.

After the match, Moxley expressed his desire to be in the G-1 tournament to a very positive reaction from the fans. This was a way to get Moxley on the card, put him over and deliver the announcement that he wants to be in the G When taken at face value, this was effective. Moxley looked like a star, gave fans a taste of his revamped ring style and put over Umino nicely in the bit of offense he got in.

Helping Umino to the back after the match added the subtlest little layer to the character that suggests Moxley is unhinged but that he does not necessarily hate or dislike any of his opponents. Instead, they are a means to an end. Determined to better himself against heavyweight competitors, he battled Satoshi Kojima in singles competition in the night's second match.

Takagi entered the night as one of the hottest stars in NJPW. His opponent is one of the all-time greats. But Kojima had not won a singles match sinceas the commentary team noted.

NJPW Dominion 6.9 in Osaka-jo Hall (6/9/19) Results & Review

An exchange of strikes on the arena floor teased a double-disqualification, but both men hit the ring just before the official counted to Back inside the squared circle, Takagi unloaded with a flurry of chops on Kojima. The legendary figure answered with a brutal collection of his own chops.

Takagi fended off a sustained onslaught from Kojima and caught him with a lariat, then a vertical suplex to regain control. Kojima unloaded with a short clothesline that flattened Takagi. Shingo tried for two lariats, but Kojima barely flinched at the first two. The third stunned Takagi himself.

watch njpw dominion 2019

Shingo recovered and blasted his legendary opponent with right and left forearms about the face. Takagi was determined to prove he could hang with heavyweights after a frustrating loss to Ospreay in the finals of the Best of the Super Juniors. He showed he could compete with one of the best of all time here, withstanding the veteran competitor and some vicious, violent strikes in the process. His post-match announcement for inclusion in the G-1 set him up for a dark-horse run in the competition.

The two rivalries collided as Liger teamed with Yoshi-Hashi to battle Suzuki and Sabre in a match with the potential to be among the hardest-hitting on the entire card. The match started on the floor, with the familiar foes pairing off from the get-go.New Japan Pro Wrestling's busy schedule continues, with the next event on the promotion's calendar, Dominion, taking place this weekend. Following a chaotic Best of the Super Juniors tournament, NJPW will bring the top performers from its own promotion and in the independents to entertain the fans.

It looks like Mox will put on another match for the Japan crowd this weekend as he continues to make his name known outside of WWE. Jericho is a multi-time champion and has a long storied career, but winning the top title in New Japan Pro Wrestling would add another chapter in his career.

If you're looking to experience all the action from this weekend's show, here's the start time, the entire card and how to watch NJPW Dominion online. If you're looking to watch the Dominion show online, subscribing to New Japan Worldthe company's streaming service is your best bet. If you enjoy the streaming platform, you'll be able to watch another NJPW show only a few weeks after Dominion. The card for this year's Dominion show features a handful of highly-anticipated matchups and title defenses.

Are you excited for this year's Dominion? What are your predictions? Let us know in the comments section below. Weekly magazine, delivered Daily Newsletter Website access.You can keep up with With Spandex on Twitter and Facebookfollow our home site Uproxx on Twitterand even follow me on Twitter emilyofpratt. All feedback is appreciated and will help us keep up the NJPW coverage. Wrestling is as silly as it is impressive, which can lead to diminishing returns on epics. Almost everyone came out of this show looking good too, including our show-opening United States Champion.

Shota Umino was basically a squash. Umino has had longer, really standout matches this year against Zack Sabre Jr.

This could be the easiest way to give him a tag partner for the whole G1 and more of these backstage promos. Shingo Takagi vs. Satoshi Kojima is another look at the future for a relative newcomer to New Japan, but one with more in-ring substance.

The man who went undefeated in the junior division through mostly arm and pec power and charisma gets his desired heavyweight challenge in the form of a man with a billed two inches, twenty pounds, decade-or-so of experience and age, to his detrimentand way more achievements based on arm and pec power and charisma. Made In Japan is apparently here to stay and harder to execute on a bigger man.

It takes a few tries for a Pumping Bomber to hit like the move has been hitting juniors. Jay White, Chase Owens, and Taiji Ishimori — are, like Takagi, coming off significant losses, but they are not dealing with them as well. Tanahashi and his insane cauliflower ear get his first post-surgery win, but at what cost? The cost is that now we have seen his new finisher.

watch njpw dominion 2019

Maybe he will successfully polish it up over the Kizuna Road tour, but if not, the idea of Tanahashi with this new move vs. Jericho with the Judas Effect is at least pretty funny. The other non-title tag match of the night is solid all around and continues the Suzuki-Liger feud that now will not be resolved until the last night of August at the earliest.

Suzuki and Sabre continue to be a reliable and entertainingly evil tag team and Liger kicking Yoshi-Hashi hard on his injured shoulder to get him to get it together is definitely the Yoshi-Hashi moment of the year so far. Sabre vs. The Taichi vs. Ishii knows that as much as Taichi trolls and avoids straight-up fighting him, the Holy Emperor is a not-so-secret-anymore badass. The post-BOSJ 26 state of the junior division is an odd one. The pretensions at noble intentions about the junior division would be more believable if he mentioned his resume beating New Japan heavyweights inwinning the NEVER Openweight Championship from one of them, and already wrestling in one heavyweight tournament this year.

The other tournament finalist and man in the division with most momentum, Shingo Takagi, is also not hanging around the division until that August Super J-Cup tour at soonest.

But still, this is the two guys who just had the highest profile and almost definitely the best match in the division all year basically separating themselves from it to a certain degree immediately afterward.

It also might create more opportunities for inter-weight class matches, which could mean more opportunities for the juniors in general. Will Ospreay a spotfest. The whole match is about setting up and executing ridiculously impressive high-flying spots, and both Lee and Ospreay can do a lot of those.

Overall, Lee vs. Ospreay is fun and extremely impressive but not the best on the card.

NJPW Dominion

The crowd really enjoys it and mostly supports Ospreay, but I feel like him winning the title could have been a bigger moment if there was some reason within this match for people to care who won. He gives his matches and these types of matches many stars.

A lot of people have similar opinions and also get very upset if people do not share them, as if stuff like not liking a wrestler because you think his persona is annoying and preferring wrestling matches that look more like wrestling matches or fights makes you very stupid while enjoying more gymnastics makes you a patrician genius and wrestling connoisseur of the highest order.

All art is subjective. Those looking to engage with art in a more serious way need to realize that all art can and should be read through different critical lenses.

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