Kenwood ts 60s

QRZ Forums. I am trying to do a transmit mod to my kenwood tss so it can be operated on 60 meters. Look at the undocumented feature listing.

kenwood ts450s 60 mtr mod

Have fun 73 Gary. KO6WBAug 31, There is no mod specifically for 60m primarily because the TS was designed nearly 20 years before the NTIA and FCC even thought of granting amateurs use on that government band. My TS was modified for CAP use so long ago I no longer recall the part number, but it was simple and I do believe was a single component removal.

I recommend doing a good web search for postings on this and compare them to be sure there is good agreement before modifying your radio. Good luck! I don't have the service manual yet, it is supposed to be here in about a week. You have to be aware that in Kenwood units there are more that a single instance of a particular part number.

There are more that two D27 diodes in the TSS. You need the one on the Control Board behind the front panel. If it's not there then it's possible the modification has already been done.

This should give you 60 meters. My bad for posting the wrong one for the TS Need to quit posting when I'm too tried after work You can check this download until the copy you have coming, arrives. KO6WBSep 1, Thanks for the link Show Ignored Content.

Share This Page. Your name or email address: Password: Forgot your password? Register for a free QRZ account.T he TSS is a 6 m all-mode transceiver that's engineered for excellence. It's small enough for mobile or DX-pedition use, yet delivers an impressive 90W output. Ample power is matched by outstanding performance, thanks to memory channels, AIP for superior dynamic range, and advanced interference-reduction measures.

There's also a friendly dual-menu system, microprocessor-controlled DDS with "fuzzy logic" control, TF-SET, and everything you need for split-frequency operations. Features at a glance:. Torque can be adjusted to suit individual preference. Memory shift enables transfer of data to the VFOs.

Comprehensive interference reduction Assuring first-class receive performance is our AIP Advanced Intercept Point circuitry -- capable of raising dynamic range to dB.

You are free to choose high sensitivity for simplex or weak-signal work, or a high intercept point to minimize intermod or adjacent channel interference.

Kenwood TS-60 Transceiver – FREE Shipping in Contiguous USA!

Multi-function microphone The TSS comes with the MC remote-control microphone with 4 programmable function keys. You may choose up to 4 menu functions to control with these keys -- ideal for mobile operation.

For more information about this and other productsA s small as it is, the TSS packs a powerful punch.

kenwood ts 60s

Maximum output is W, and there is an impressive range of features -- including memory channels, DDS with innovative step logic control, and AIP for superior dynamic range. Ensuring user-friendly operation on the move is a convenient menu system, which can also be accessed via the multi-function microphone. And there are several attractive options available to make the TSS even more versatile.

Features at a glance:. This exclusive circuit design is capable of raising dynamic range to dB. Powerful menu system User-friendliness enters a new dimension with these versatile menus. The menus are also accessible via the supplied microphone. DDS Direct Digital Synthesizer with step logic control We've introduced step logic control circuitry to enable the main encoder to tune smoothly from 5 Hz steps to fast forward mode. The operator may also select torque settings: high for mobile use, low for stationary applications.

Comprehensive interference reduction CW reverse mode This reverses the pitch of interference competing with the CW signal, allowing the operator to approach the desired signal from either side. All-mode squelch The squelch circuit effectively suppresses undesirable background noise when there is no signal present. IF shift The IF passband is moved away from interfering signals, thus maximizing gain and signal-to-noise ratio.

Noise blanker Pulse-type interference, such as ignition noise, can be eliminated. Memory shift for transfer of data to the VFOsmemory scroll, and memory protect functions are also provided. Easy-to-use scan functions The memory channels can be scanned either continuously or in groups; channel 99 stores the upper and lower limits for programmable band scan. Scan speed is variable, and selected channels can be skipped without data loss using the lock-out function. The TSS also offers a carrier-operated scan stop mode.

Multi-function microphone supplied The TSS is similar to our other VHF mobile transceivers in more than just looks: this HF rig is compatible with remote-control microphones featuring 4 programmable function keys. Band data is transferred to the tuner, so there is no need to operate the AT directly and it can be installed in an automobile trunk.

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Kenwood Ts-60s ( 6 Meter Transceiver )

The site will be something of which everyone involved can be proud to say they were a part. Toggle navigation. Forgot Password. Reviews Home. Time Owned: more than 12 months. This rig does everything that its sister rig does, the TSS, except this rig is 6M only. Great sensitivity on RX and good TX compliments. And rediscover the pleasure of This, and its sister rig The TSSare certainly keepers with me.

This radio is exceptional. Heil PR front end, superb audio, feeds into a modified SB that kicks it up to watts. Amazingly simple, can run watt "barefoot" mode all day, and doesn't complain. It sits next to its twin, a TS for HF. Both are superb radios. Time Owned: 3 to 6 months. I traded a really nice piece of gear and a little cash for mine, and like most deals it wasn't well represented.

Off to Burghardt for a shake down, repair and alignment. I'll probably keep this rig for ever now. It's rock solid, easy to use, and the boys at Burghardt did a great job bringing her back to life.

Kenwood TS-60S

If you see one for sale, grab it! I gave it a "5" had no choice but really if there was a "4. A couple stickler points with this one is that if your battery voltage in your car or home power supply is low, then the first time you key the rig and the voltage sags too low, you could lose your memories.

At least that's been my experience. I've replaced the 3V lithium battery in it twice in the 8 or 9 yrs I've owned it. I've owned my from new, bought it on a whim, and have never regreted it. It's very basic, minimum frills, only covers the one band but all these things suit me fine. The only issue mines had is that the backlight takes a moment to come on sometimes, otherwise no heat isues or anything else.You are buying a Kenwood TSs Transceiver. Serial Number Free shipping applies to the contiguous states, please email for shipping quotes elsewhere.

This radio is in excellent working condition and in excellent overall condition — just completely aligned. Memory battery is brand new — just replaced. Unit transmits at a full watts. Shows very slight scratches due to normal wear. Comes with the accessories shown5 foot power cord and mic as well as manual on CD. Please know that when you purchase this radio, it will come to you carefully packed and as if it were new.

It will not be dirty inside or out or have any adverse odor. It will have been cleaned and tested fully and lubricated to work as quietly as possible so that when you provide it power, it will operate as intended. Our technical staff is very well versed in this equipment and they have inspected, tested, lubricated and repaired if necessary your purchase before it was listed for sale.

As such, we assure you that your equipment will arrive fully operational and we will guarantee it for 30 days against any defect whatsoever. If you have ANY problem, we will take the unit back and repair or replace it immediately.

kenwood ts 60s

Please realize that your satisfaction is assured! Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Skip to content Skip to main menu Menu. Category: Kenwood Transceivers. Serial Number Free shipping applies to the contiguous states, please email for shipping quotes elsewhere.

Reviews There are no reviews yet.Estimating the value of a rig can be challenging. We collect prices paid by real hams over the years to help you estimate the value of a used Kenwood TSS.

Just bought or sold this model? Let us know what you traded it for and help other ham operators! Based on historic data, today's second-hand price of the Kenwood TSS is around:. Price History Chart. Login or Register to submit prices. If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you'd like to participate, please get in touch.

Rig Reference Ham Radio Equipment. Login or Register to upload images. Tuning steps? Receiver system? Image rejection? Audio output? Electrical Power requirements Form factor Base Station Manufactured Between and 19xx. We do our best to be accurate, but if you've spotted something wrong or incomplete, please let us know!

New and second-hand prices Estimating the value of a rig can be challenging. About RigReference.

kenwood ts 60s

About us Help build this site Images wanted! Terms of use Contact Buy me a coffee. Great one trick pony, but does the one trick well!Sold Page Previous Sold Page. Next Sold Page. It has a digital LCD displayS-meter and keypad entry. The rear panel has an antenna jack. This radio includes the MC hand mic and mobile bracket only. This radio is DEAD. No receive. No transmit. No lights. No nuthin'. Possible lightning victim.

Sold for parts, final sale, AS-IS. This radio includes the MC hand mic and DC power cord only. The condition is good. No mobile bracket. The cosmetic condition is good and it receives well but does NOT transmit.

It is sold AS-IS strictly for parts and does not include the power cord, mic or any accessories. This radio has recently been recapped and buttons rejuvenated and is in good condition. Includes the MC hand mic and DC power cord only. It has a digital displayS-meter and keypad entry. This automatic antenna tuner is designed for use with the TSS.

The rear panel has SO jacks for input and output. With boxbuffers, both interface cords and original Owner's Manual. The used items on this page have been sold! They are shown for informational and archival purposes only.


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