E34 visa usa

My partner has just gotten a position for Abercrombie and Fitch in Ohio for 2 years. Information on this Visa appears difficult to get in detail - does this allow you to work?

Thanks for the response - is there anywhere with more details? The US Immigration site mentions the E34 visa but doesnt have details of what it entails, oddly enough.

Is your spouse getting sponsored for permanent residency through EB-3?

U.S. Visas

If so, you could immigrate along with him and apply for an EAD employment permit. Though it appears a little bit strange that a company would sponsor an employee for a greencard if they are only supposed to be in the US for 2 years.

What exactly is the visa your spouse is getting? More typical would be an H1B. If your partner has an H1B you will get an H4 and not be allowed to work. Also, if your partner will just work for 2 years, US Employer is not sponsoring long term visa.

If you are married spouse, then you can apply H4, spouse and child of H1B visa holder. You cannot work on H4. Update: Thanks for the response - is there anywhere with more details? Answer Save.

e34 visa usa

There is no such thing as E34 visa. That is just classification for US Immigrant officials. Most likely your partner, since he will work for 2 years, will get H1B Temporary Workers visa. Still have questions? Get answers by asking now.The Immigration and Nationality Act INA provides several broad classes of admission for foreign nationals to gain LPR status, the largest of which focuses on admitting immigrants for the purpose of family reunification. Other major categories include economic and humanitarian immigrants, as well as immigrants from countries with relatively low levels of immigration to the United States.

The largest category of new LPRs consists of immediate relatives of U. Immediate relatives of U. Family members not included in the immediate relative class of admission may be eligible for immigration under family-sponsored preferences.

Categories are organized by priority. Those seeking to provide needed skills in the U. The United States provides refuge to persons who have been persecuted or have a well-founded fear of persecution through two programs: a refugee program for persons outside the United States and their immediate relatives, and an asylum program for persons in the United States and their immediate relatives. Those who seek to immigrate to the United States from countries with relatively low levels of immigration may be eligible to seek immigration under the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program.

Remaining admission categories are generally limited to persons admitted under special legislation. Skip to Main Content. Immediate Relatives of U.

Refugees CU6 Cuban refugees P. Department of Homeland Security. Last Published Date: April 7, Was this page helpful? This page was not helpful because the content: has too little information.

Foreign medical school graduate who was licensed to practice in the United States on Jan. Crewmen who entered on or before June 30, and are immediate relatives of U. Parents of U. Spouses of U. Children of U. Children born subsequent to issuance of parent's immediate relative of U.By MarkieboyMay 7, in Work Visas.

e34 visa usa

I have a question that I need some expert advice. I understand that someone having an approved I petition EB-3 visa can bring their spouse E34 to the U.

e34 visa usa

But how does the dependent spouse get this visa? Is it at the beneficiary's interview EB-3? Does the dependent spouse E34 need to apply?

EB3 Visa (Green Card)

And if so, how? Any help regarding this would greatly be appreciated. Thanks so much! If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.

Like you, she must also fill out required application forms, obtain required civil documents, pay required fees and undergo medical examinations. The spouse and children under 21 years of age are derivatives of the Eb3 applicant You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. Work Visas Sign Up Menu.

Register to Reply or Ask a Question Go to first unread post. Posted May 7, Hi everyone! Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. They go to the Consulate and apply. Posted May 8, Didn't find the answer you were looking for?The E-3 visa is a United States visa for which only citizens of Australia are eligible. The legislation creating the E-3 visa was signed into law by U. President George W. Bush on May 11, It is widely believed to have grown out of the negotiation of a trade deal between the US and Australia.

The E-3 visa is similar in many respects to the H-1B visa. Important differences include the fact that spouses of E-3 visa holders may work in the United States without restrictions unlike other US non-immigrant visas, even the TN visa issued to Canadian and Mexican citizenseven if they are of a different nationality; [3] that the E-3 visa is renewable indefinitely in two-year increments ; and that the application process is much quicker.

Australian citizens applying for an E-3 visa are also no longer subject to the 65, annual visa limit for H-1B visas; although there is a separate annual quota of 10, E-3 visas, this is believed to be much more generous to Australians than requiring them to compete with all other nations for H-1B visas.

The regulations for applying for an E-3 visa were published in the United States Federal Register on September 2, Following these procedures will allow an Australian citizen to apply for an E-3 visa at a U. Department of Laborwith a note at the top of the form indicating it is for an E-3 visa for an Australian citizen. Change of visa status is not possible if the applicant has entered the country under the visa waiver program, however, if the applicant has entered on a different visa F-1 student then a change of status is allowed.

Since the introduction of the E-3 visas, between 2, E-3 visas have been issued by US consulates to Australian professionals every year. In addition to this, E-3R visas are issued to the returning Australian professionals whose original visas had expired. The numbers are as follows: 4 new visas in Fiscal Year ; 1, new visas in FY ; 2, new and 6 returning in FY ; 2, new and 1, returning in FY ; and 2, new and 1, returning in FY In addition to this, 1, to 1, E-3D visas are issued annually to these professionals' dependents.

Each US fiscal year starts and ends three months before the calendar year with the same number. Fiscal Year October through Septemberwhich was the first full year during which E-3 regulations were in effect, the U. Department of Homeland Security recorded 2, admissions of Australian citizens as E-3 status foreign workers under the treaty. Fiscal Year October through September Importantly, the number of admissions in a given fiscal year is different from the number of visas issued: an E-3 visa is a multiple-entry visa valid for 24 months, [9] and every reentry of the visa holder into the US other than after short trips to the "near abroad", i.

Canada or Mexico during this time will generate a new admission record. The Australian subclass long stay business visa provides similar working rights in Australia for U. However this visa is available to any nationality and hence no special work permit for U.

Recent legislative changes in Australian skilled worker visas has further narrowed the scope of jobs under which an individual may be granted a visa.EB-3 is an visa preference category for United States employment-based permanent residency. It is intended for "skilled workers", "professionals", and "other workers".

The EB-3 requirements are less stringent, but the backlog may be longer. Unlike persons with extraordinary abilities in the EB-1 categoryEB-3 applicants require a sponsoring employer.

Out of this, the EB-3 category is limited to The application process begins with obtaining a labor certificationby submitting ETA Form The applicant does not need to be employed when the labor certification is filed; a future job offer is sufficient.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Employment-Based Immigrant Visas. Bureau of Consular Affairs. Archived from the original on 15 September Retrieved 27 August Archived from the original on Retrieved EB-5 Visa". Department of Homeland Security. United States nonimmigrant visas. A-1 A-2 A B-1 B C-1 C-2 C CW-1 CW D-1 D F-1 F-2 F J-1 J K-1 K-2 K-3 K L-1 L M-1 M-2 M N-8 N O-1 O-2 O P-1 P-2 P-3 P R-1 R S-5 S-6 S T-1 T-2 T-3 T-4 T TD TN.Other Visa Categories.

Visa: Reciprocity and Civil Documents by Country. Visa Wizard. Visa Denials. Fraud Warning. What the Visa Expiration Date Means. Automatic Revalidation. Countries with Limited or No U.

Visa Services. A-Z Index. Directory of Visa Categories. Straight Facts on U. Customer Service Statement. Photo Requirements. Photo Examples. Digital Image Requirements. Photo Frequently Asked Questions.

Photo Composition Template. Online Immigrant Visa Forms. DS Frequently Asked Questions. Administrative Processing Information. Visa Appointment Wait Times. Frequently Asked Questions. What is a U. About Visas - The Basics.

E3 Visa - for Australian Citizens to Work in the USA

Citizens and Spouses of Lawful Permanent Residents. Your Rights and Protections. Ineligibilities and Waivers: Laws. Rights and Protections for Temporary Workers. Advisory Opinions.All rights reserved. All information, resources and services on this site are available to all people regardless of national origin and citizenship status. Australians are now able to apply for E3 visas in order to live and work in the USA.

Qualified Australians wishing to live and work in the USA now find themselves in a privileged position. They have access to a dedicated visa that is easier and less costly to obtain than the traditional H1B work visa. Each year 10, E3 visas are reserved exclusively for Australian nationals. Unlike the H1B visa, spouses of E3 visa holders are now able to work in the United States - eliminating a barrier that in practice has stopped many Australians from applying for temporary residence in the US.

E-3 visa holders will be able to apply for extensions. The application fee for an E3 visa is significantly lower than for the H1B visa. An approved Labor Condition Application is required and no more than 10, E3 visas can be issued per year. A: The E3 is a new visa category only for Australians going to the U. Q: Why are only Australians eligible for this work visa? A: The legislation limited the E3 visa to nationals of Australia. Q: Who qualifies for the E3 visa?

e34 visa usa

A: The new E3 visa classification currently applies only to nationals of Australia as well as their spouses and children. E3 principal applicants must be going to the United States solely to work in a specialty occupation. The spouse and children need not be Australian citizens. Q: Are there other requirements for qualifying for an E3 visa?

A: Submit a job offer letter from the prospective United States-based employer. A treaty alien in a specialty occupation must meet the general academic and occupational requirements for the position pursuant to INA i 1. A certified copy of the foreign degree and evidence that it is equivalent to the required U.

Likewise, a certified copy of a U. In determining whether an occupation qualifies as a "specialty occupation", follow the definition contained at INA i 1 for H1B non-immigrants and applicable standards and criteria determined by the Department of Homeland Security DHS and U.

Q: Do I need a license for a specialty occupation? A: An E3 alien must meet academic and occupational requirements, including licensure where appropriate, for admission into the United States in a specialty occupation. If the job requires licensure or other official permission to perform the specialty occupation, the applicant must submit proof of the requisite license or permission before the E-3 visa may be granted.

In certain cases, where such a license or other official permission is not immediately required to perform the duties described in the visa application, the alien must show that he or she will obtain such licensure within a reasonable period of time following admission to the United States. A: The United States-based employer of an E-3 principal is not required to submit a petition to the Department of Homeland Security as a prerequisite for visa issuance.

Q: How long is the E3 visa valid? A: The validity of the visa should not exceed the validity period of the LCA. This validity may be renewed. Q: What is the fee for an E3 visa? A: Other than the normal visa application fee, there is no issuance fee. Q: Is there a limit to the number of E3 visas that can be issued? A: Yes, there will be a maximum of 10, E3 visas issued annually.

Can you work in USA on a E34 (spouse of a “skilled worker” or “professional”) Visa?

Spouses and children of principal applicants do not count against the numerical limitations. Q: Do applicants need to demonstrate a "residence abroad? A: You must demonstrate to the consular officer that the established relationship exists. Usually this can be accomplished with a marriage or birth certificate. You must also show the principle applicant is the recipient of an E3 visa.

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