Desmos house art

It all started with this tweet, and the rest is mash-up MTBoS history. Thanks to all who shared and shaped the final draft of this project! Has anyone designed a rubric or checklist you really like to use?

Hoping to have Ss work on this in part at least in my absence, so a resource would help! Thx for all you do! Math 8 students set a firm algebraic foundation for linear concepts.

Mom Brag: My colleague also used this project with his Math 8 students. As my Math 8 students explored and discovered how the mathematics they wrote impacted the math-art they created, their hunger for more math extended the due date for the final project repeatedly.

Rather, students wanted to include nonlinear elements in their houses, shade various regions with color, and even animate their pets!

desmos house art

Ownership win! To see project showcases for each class, check out the videos below! I took screenshots and screen recordings of student work from teacher. Save Save. Desmos has added the ability for students to add an image to a full-screen graph in Activity Builder! I still like the idea of giving students a folder of pets to start with, but adding the element of choice will surely up-level student projects, moving forward!

desmos house art

Cathy Yenca. Can you tell me how do you have students find the y-intercept of each line? I noticed that they are only required to find the slope when graphing on the graph paper.

So, how does that transpire to the line design in Desmos without the y-intercept? When creating on graph paper, I want students to think about design more than a complete coordinate plane. Writing slopes on the lines can be helpful in the transfer from paper to Desmos.

I feel that asking them to hammer down both the slopes and y-intercepts on the graph paper gets cumbersome and can negatively impact the design process.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. MathyCathy's Blog — Mrs. Skip to content.Explore math with Desmos! Plot functions, create tables, add sliders, and more. A Simple Graph Isomorphy Toy. View the Graph and move the Move beyond arithmetic with the Desmos scientific calculator.

In addition to the basic operations, take advantage of a variety of built-in functio Related Searches desmos graphing calculator download pc desmos graphing calculator desmos for pc desmos.

Sort by. Back Close. Free Only. Editor Rating. User Rating. Apply Filters. Results for desmos graphing. Related: desmos graphing calculator download pcdesmos graphing calculatordesmos for pcdesmos.

Desmos Graphing Calculator. Publisher: Desmos Downloads: 5, Publisher: Desmos Downloads: 2, Publisher: Altece Downloads: Graphing Calculator 3D. Editors' rating. User rating. Publisher: Runiter Downloads:DreamCalc Scientific Graphing Calculator. Publisher: Big Angry Dog Downloads: 58, Desmos Test Mode. Publisher: Desmos Downloads: Desmos Scientific Calculator. Publisher: Desmos Downloads: 7.

Graphing Calculator. Publisher: Pacific Tech Downloads: Publisher: Runiter Downloads: 12, Results 1 - 10 of We just finished all the radicals and exponents material in Algebra 2. Rational exponents, blech. After making it through, I decided we needed a break before jumping into logarithms. I decided to have my students do a graphing art project with Desmos to refresh their transformation and equation writing skills.

I know others have done it before, and I decided I would give my own version a try. They also had to include a horizontal and vertical translation, a vertical stretch and shrink, and a reflection.

desmos house art

My Algebra 2 students just got iPads a few weeks ago, so it was their first time really using Desmos and figuring out how save, etc. That made things a little bumpy to start with, but they got it figured out pretty quickly. I gave them two days to work on it in class. That was enough time for some of them to finish, but most of them had to work on it a little bit throughout the rest of the week to wrap it up.

I was impressed with how engaged my students were. Some of them were doing deeper thinking about how to write their equations, while others were relying more on guessing and checking, but everyone was working the entire class period and making good progress.

Even my weakest students were exploring and experimenting. It took them a little bit to get the hang of restricting their domain and range, but that was good practice as well. Even students who rarely turn in a completed homework assignment and whom I know do not have internet access at home. I should have done a quick recap of transformations before diving into the project. Just throwing up a couple of equations and explaining what part caused a horizontal translation, vertical stretch, etc.

Most students remembered anyway, but it would have helped. At least I told them to write down their equations as they went, so all they had to do was retype them. Also, I should not make suggestions or mention what other people were graphing. I love this idea! I would like to find a way to incorporate some trig into it, as that is what we are working on, although it would be great for an end-of-the-year function review.

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Explore math with Desmos.

Menu Skip to content. About Virtual Filing Cabinet. I required students to create a picture including the following: A linear function with positive slope A linear function with negative slope A horizontal line A vertical line A quadratic function An absolute value function A square root function A cube root function They also had to include a horizontal and vertical translation, a vertical stretch and shrink, and a reflection.

Things I liked: I was impressed with how engaged my students were. Some student work: One of many houses…. Scrappy Dog. Name writing. Share this: Twitter Facebook.

desmos house art

Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.Progress through, beginner, advanced and legend tasks. Great for school PD! Desmos Bank — teacher-created Desmos links. Searchable by subject and topic. Thanks to Jed Butler for creating this excellent resource.

This is your one-stop shop of hints, ideas, and activities. Use the resources to run your own self-directed PD session. Then try your hand at making your own with the new activity builder. Here are a few activities I have used in my classes, from algebra 1 through statistics. Mean, Median and Variability : participate as a student. Properties of Quadratic Functions : participate as a student. Discovering Linear Inequalities : participate as a student.

Building Rational Functions : participate as a student. Comparing Distributions by Center and Variability : participate as a student. Ready for 9th Grade? I use this on day 1 to assess student skills : participate as a student. Wild About Absolute Value : participate as a student.

Expressing Number Patterns arithmetic sequences : participate as a student. Parallel and Perpendicular Lines : participate as a student. Describing Distributionschapter 1. Normal Distribution Practicechapter 2. Ogives and Percentileschapter 2. Regression and Mini-Tab Outputchapter 3.At Desmos, our mission is to help every student learn math and love learning math.

Desmos Houses 2018

And with our Activity Builder, you can even create your own! Get started with the video on the right, then dive deeper with the resources below. Graph components are the core element of most Desmos activities. Use them alone, or combine them with other components like note and input. The table component allows students to explore connections between multiple representations—graph to table, table to equation, text to table, and more! Sketch components offer an easy way to gather informal student thinking.

With three background options blank, graph, and custom image the possibilities are endless. With the media component, adding images and video to your activity is a piece of cake. Click to upload, or simply use our drag-and-drop feature. Add text, math, or a combination. Marbleslides is a delightful way for students to explore connections between the graphs and equations of lines, parabolas, and more. Now you can add marbleslides challenges to your own activities!

You can activate marbleslides on the Desmos Labs page. You can activate card sort on the Desmos Labs page. Desmos Learn Desmos. Video Tutorials Ready to build your masterpiece? Here's how to use each Activity Builder component. Graph Graph components are the core element of most Desmos activities. View Examples. Table The table component allows students to explore connections between multiple representations—graph to table, table to equation, text to table, and more!

Sketch Sketch components offer an easy way to gather informal student thinking. Create a New Activity.For fill-in-the-blanks, recopy the entire sentence or simply fill in the blanks.

Equation Art

If there are two blanks, simply type in a comma or dash to separate the responses to each blank. Next year, one of your quarterly projects will be to create the outside of your dream house in Desmos. Quadratic Equations. Zeros and Factoring. Assignment for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Art Binomials Proofs. Multiplying Binomials Regular Case. Multiplying Binomials Preview. Volume Part 2.

Read my tips on good studying. Solve problems, get them wrong, then figure out what you can change to not make the same mistake. Silly mistakes might not be silly. Volume Part 1. Talk about your experiences with mathematics since as early as you can remember. Talk about any math that you do or that you see outside of school. Talk about how you see yourself as a learner and doer of mathematics.

This is an important opportunity for you to reflect on yourself and your identity as a math student. Be open and honest with yourself! I will not be sharing them with any other student. Volume Part 2 Review notes on ratios, unit rates, and proportions. Older posts.Explore math with Desmos!

Try our graphing calculator or our classroom activities. Start Graphing. Meet Our Team Allison Hamburger. Allison joined Desmos as a Software Engineer in March She is passionate about creating technology that makes a positive social impact. She also loves math! Allison previously worked as a software engineer on Adobe Photoshop.

Her favorite activities are camping and eating ice cream. Anand Eng-Thakker. Anand left his first stint in the software world to teach at the Park School of Baltimore. Since returning to software engineering, Anand has worked at Development Seed, using open source tools and open data for humanitarian ends, and more recently at Mapbox, building interactive map rendering libraries.

Ani Xu. Ani has bounced between cold and colder Toronto and Boston for over two decades. She accidentally fell into EdTech back in and has yet to fall out. She's super into evolving pedagogy and happened to do well in sales on account of being the right amount of awkward. She's also the person responsible for the original Game of Loans, Interest is Coming hat at graduation - you're welcome, Internet. Chris Lusto. Chris grew up in the mountains of Northeast Pennsylvania and graduated from Villanova University with a degree in Economics.

He taught at high schools in Minneapolis and a Pennsylvania town no one has ever heard of. Chris got into web development while working as a curriculum author at Mathalicious, creating interactive lesson content for students and teachers.

He submitted so many feature requests to Desmos that they finally decided it would be easier just to hire him. Christopher Danielson. Christopher has taught middle school and college math.

Corey Hunt. Corey is a Product Designer at Desmos and works to make our tools even better to use every day.

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